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Patient Testimonials

Dental TestimonialsOur testimonial page is brand new.  We are compiling the many kind words and letters we receive and will be updating our website on an ongoing basis.  Please make it a point to check back regularly and take a look at our newest patient testimonials.

I was in excruciating pain with my wisdom teeth.  Paula got me scheduled, and squeezed me in. I was very comfortable with everyone that helped me.  Dr. Sabbagh did the extractions with little to no pain.  HIGH PRAISE FOR EVERYONE!!

Lisa S.

Thank you Dr. Sabbagh and your entire staff. Your professionalism and knowledge far exceeds many specialists I've seen before. I always know I am in great hands whenever I visit.

Lori P.

To Dr. Sabbagh and her phenomenal staff!  From the day I first visited for my consultation, I could not have been more comfortable and more impressed with you, your staff and your entire practice.  First of all, the office just felt so warm and inviting - which is a big plus for me because any kind of dental procedure or surgery can certainly be nerve wracking. I didn't even really feel like I was in a doctor's office like many others I have seen.  Before visiting you, I received varying opinions from a variety of specialists as to what my issue was.  Then I finally visited your office and was given the most thorough evaluation and consultation I ever received. 
Dr. Sabbagh explained all the ins and outs of my condition, what needed to be done, why it needed to be done, and best of all, discussed a care plan that would prevent me from experiencing further damage or issues with my teeth.  It was like a breath of fresh air to see a doctor who truly cares about her patients well being, and is more than happy to spend all the time necessary to really EDUCATE me and not just try to get me in for a procedure.  Well, as you know, I needed an implant so we scheduled my surgery.  Like I told you, I have had root canals and cavities in the past, but never needed anything of this nature.  Needless to say, I was concerned with the anesthesia, the procedure itself and the pain I might experience afterwards. 

Well Dr. Sabbagh, I have been singing your praises since the day of my implant surgery.  I can honestly say I have had more pain after having a cavity filled than I did after my bone graft and prep for my implant.  I still can't believe it.  I was so worried in the days leading up to my surgery that I could not sleep.  But when I came out of the procedure, and in days to follow, I realized I worried for nothing!  I am feeling great, my gums have healed amazingly well, and I am actually LOOKING FORWARD to the next step of the procedure.  Comfort and no pain are a huge plus of course.  But knowing that I am in such kind, caring and professional hands for each step of my implant is priceless.  Thank you so much for everything you do.  I will be recommending you to anyone I know who is looking for an maxillofacial surgeon!  And yes, I happily make the drive down from Redmond every time I come see you.  At this point, I wouldn't consider going anywhere else!  And I'd like you to know I have never written a thank you letter to any healthcare provider in my entire life.  But this one was well worth the time.

Eric W., Redmond, WA


Dr Sabbagh has an excellent fund of knowledge. I brought my daughter to her after three other oral surgeons could not figure out what was wrong with her gums. She was right on!! I highly recommend her. She is confident and had a very kind way with my daughter who was very frightened.
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Dr. Emily Sabbagh was my oral surgeon. for years I was not able to chew my food. I had a denture that didn't fit. Dr. Sabbagh gave me my self esteem back. She placed six implants in my mouth painlessly while i was snoozing and now my denture snaps down on the implants and I can smile and chew again. By the way she was ALWAYS available to answer my questions. She has a BEAUTIFUL office too. this doctor has financing as well that worked for me and I never thought I would be able to afford this. thank God I my dentist referred me to her.

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This doctor can give you the best care. She gave my daughter implants and was willing to work with my family regarding the cost. With the tough economy thank God there are doctors like her around!!‎


Dr. Sabbagh removed my lower wisdom teeth (which were impacted) a few years ago. I thought she did an excellent job resulting in minimal pain and no infection. She took considerable time to explain the procedure pre-op to post-op. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for wisdom tooth removal. If I ever need my top wisdom removed, I will be going to her.

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I could not be happier with Dr. Emily M. Sabbagh! She extracted my wisdom teeth. I only had three but two of them were soft-tissue impacted and the third was bone impacted. She did a really great job—the procedure was fast and almost completely painless. It hurt less then a stubbed toe! And I would estimate the actual extracting part only took about four minutes. She really knows what she’s doing. If I ever need work again I’ll definitely be going back to her!

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