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Canine Exposure

Tooth ExposureDr. Emily M. Sabbagh, oral surgeon Federal Way, is proficient in exposing impacted canines and other teeth to aid in orthodontic eruption. Working closely with orthodontists in Auburn, WA, Des Moines, WA, Federal Way and Tacoma, Dr. Sabbagh can help the impacted tooth erupt by surgically exposing it and freeing up the tooth, bonding an orthodontic button on the crown of the tooth, and attaching a chain to it. The chain is used by the orthodontist to gently apply a force on the tooth in the desired direction to help the impacted tooth move into proper alignment.

Exposure of Canines-A covered Dental Benefit

When you make the decision to have you or your family member undergo orthodontic treatment, it can be an expensive investment. Often, your orthodontist may recommend the exposure of an impacted tooth. This procedure is performed by an oral surgeon. Surgical exposure of the unerupted canine is commonly a covered dental benefit. Dr. Sabbagh is an in network provider for WDS, MetLife and Cigna. Dr. Sabbagh is also a provider for Humana Dental insurance. It is a comfort to know that in network dental providers will give you the best price for the dental procedure. Dr. Emily M. Sabbagh is also aware of your child's busy school schedule and will make every effort to fit you in especially during spring break, winter break, and the holidays.

Does canine exposure hurt?

As with all oral surgery procedures, the first step to understanding the surgery is at the consultation with Dr. Sabbagh. At the consultation, you will be treated with respect and privacy. Dr. Sabbagh encourages questions and invites you to bring any family member or friend that you would like to be in the consultation room with you. Dr. Sabbagh will recommend the type of anesthesia that best meets your needs. Your comfort and safety is our primary concern. A thorough medical history will be taken and reviewed in detail. It is important to share all details with the doctor including any medication you are taking. The exposure of the canine is a relatively gentle procedure that involves reflecting and repositioning the gum overlying the impacted tooth. Once this tissue is repositioned, the crown of the canine is usually visible. Sometimes if the canine is impacted in bone, Dr. Sabbagh may need to remove some of the bone to aid in the eruption. Once the canine tooth is visible, an orthodontic button will be bonded to the enamel or outside of the tooth. The chain is then attached to the button and the other end of the chain will be temporarily attached to an adjacent tooth or the orthodontic wire. This chain will be used to apply tension on the tooth by your orthodontist. Freedom of the crown will allow the tooth to be guided into place. Although this procedure may not always work, your orthodontist and Dr. Sabbagh will discuss the possible success of this procedure at the consultation.

Premolars, Molars, and Incisors Surgically Exposed

Canines are not the only teeth that orthodontists may ask Dr. Sabbagh to surgically expose. Once in awhile, the central incisors, premolars and molars may be poorly positioned or impacted to a point that the orthodontist can not attach the button. The orthodontic button allows the orthodontist to be able to attach an orthodontic wire to the tooth in order to move it into the desired position in the mouth. Dr. Sabbagh is trained in surgically exposing these teeth as well as the canine teeth. Surgical exposure of molars, premolars and incisors are also a covered dental benefit with many dental insurance plans. Dr. Sabbagh is an in network provider for Washington Dental Service, Humana, MetLife and Cigna as well as several other dental insurances. Call your dental insurance carrier and ask about your dental coverage. Dr. Sabbagh, located in Federal Way is an in network oral surgeon for several dental insurances.