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Preprosthetic Surgery

Preprostheti SurgeryWhen it is necessary to have multiple dental extractions for loose teeth or teeth with gum disease that is non restorable, you may need a full mouth extraction on the top and bottom jaws. Check to see if your oral surgeon is an in network provider for oral surgery. Dr. Emily M. Sabbagh is an in network provider for Delta Dental and several other dental insurances. Call for an appointment for dental extractions. It is not sufficient to simply have the oral surgeon extract the teeth and think the denture will fit correctly. Preprosthetic surgery is the preparation of the gums and mouth anatomy after the teeth are extracted in order for the denture to fit properly. An ill fitting denture can cause mouth sores, white spots in the mouth, mouth ulcers, mouth blisters and bone splinters. When the denture is inserted in the mouth, it lies on the gums or ridges of the upper and lower jaws. If the gums have irregularities and pivots in certain areas, you will never be comfortable. When the oral surgeon performs pre prosthetic surgery it is performed under IV anesthesia for your comfort. Most dental insurances cover preprosthetic oral surgery. Dr. Sabbagh is an in network provider for MetLife dental insurance. It is important to find an in network provider like Dr. Sabbagh. The gums are carefully trimmed and any irregularity is surgically removed and carefully sutured for maximum healing. Preprosthetic surgery deals with the reshaping and recontouring of the bony ridge of the upper and lower jaw,(alveoloplasty), the removal of sharp bony prominences (tori reduction), the lowering of the floor of the mouth or base of the lip(vestibuloplasty), or the removal of excess gum overgrowth(gingivectomy). Preprosthetic surgery is performed by Dr. Emily Sabbagh who is an in network provider for Aetna, MetLife, WDS and Guardian Dental plans.

The Alveoloplasty- Reshaping the Gums

The bone that supports the teeth or interseptal bone sometimes can form rough points which can cause the denture to pivot on the ridge of the mouth. The alveoloplasty procedure is when the oral surgeon reflects the tissue of the gums and smooths the bone. The tissue is then carefully repositioned and when healing is complete, the denture will sit on the ridge comfortably. Dr. Sabbagh and her caring staff will insure that you are comfortable when this procedure is performed. At the consultation, Dr. Emily M. Sabbagh will discuss your options and suggest a form of anesthesia that meets your needs. After the alveoloplasty you will be asked to keep your mouth clean, eat soft foods and follow up with your regularly scheduled appointments. Dr. Sabbagh will work closely with your restorative dentist to help you achieve a cosmetic and functional result.

Tori Removal A Covered Benefit with WDS

The mandibular(bottom jaw) and maxillary (top jaw)can form tori.Tori are bony protuberances of the jaw. They are not harmful in any way unless your dentist suggests a denture. Often, the denture will put pressure on the tori and actually cause a sore on this area. The first step in evaluation of the tori is thorough oral examination. Dr. Sabbagh will be able to discuss the extent of the tori and her approach to removing or lessening it. Comfort is achieved with good local and IV anesthesia. Dr. Sabbagh will discuss your surgical approach and method of anesthesia at the consultation. Feel free to ask her any questions. You may call for an appointment or request an appointment online with our always secure onine request form.


Often when an individual has been edentulous for a long time (without teeth) and has been either functioning on an ill fitting dentures or without dentures at all, the bone height of the ridge falls or shrinks. When this situation occurs, it is sometimes necessary for the oral surgeon to increase the height of the ridge by lowering the floor of the mouth or by making the depth of the vestibule or the space between the lips and the ridge. People who undergo this procedure are preparing for a denture and need more height of the ridge in order to retain the denture. This surgical procedure is being replaced with the placement of implants on the ridge in preparation for the implant overdenture. Ask Dr. Sabbagh if the vestiuloplasty is right for you if your denture is not fitting correctly. An ill fitting denture does not allow you to eat, swallow and speak properly. Often times you may even gag from an ill fitting denture.


The gingivectomy is the removal of redundant tissue or excess gums that cause mouth sores. This excess tissue is the result of the body's response to ill fitting dentures. When the tissue is removed, the denture must also be either religned or replaced by a more comfortable denture. Ask Dr. Sabbagh if the implant overdenture is right for you if your dentures are causing excess skin growth in your mouth. Dr. Sabbagh of Sabbagh Oral Surgery is conveniently located in Federal Way,WA, and serves the greater Seattle area.

Implant Overdentures

Gradually, the implant overdenture will replace the traditional denture. As you can see preprosthetic surgery is usually necessary if the dentures are not fitting. With implants securing the denture, there is stability of the plates. Call Dr. Sabbagh in Federal Way for a consultation. Dr. Sabbagh can evaluate your mouth and tell you how to improve your quality of life with great fitting dentures.