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FrenectomnyHas your local family dentist ever told you or your loved one that you are tongue tied? Are you not able to fully extend your tongue? The frenectomy procedure is the removal of a small piece of tissue under your tongue that in some people restricts the tongue from forward movement. The tissue is called the frenulum. Often it is attached too far forward near the tip of the tongue and for many, the tongue never reaches its fullest extension. This limitation of tongue movement can be a determent to speech development. In certain patients, the frenulum is traumatized by the lower central incisor edges and is traumatized when the patient attempts to extend the tongue. Now there is an oral surgeon in Federal Way that is proficient in the frenectomy procedure. The procedure when done correctly, can free the tongue giving the patient full range of motion of the tongue. Speech is now unimpaired. Often the patient must redevelop the muscles of the tongue. The tongue is a muscular organ and years of restriction by the frenulum make the tongue weak in some cases. Gradually the tongue becomes more strong and the patient can freely move the tongue for speaking and eating.

Is the Frenectomy a covered dental insurance benefit?

Dr. Sabbagh at Sabbagh Oral Surgery is an in network provider for several dental insurances such as MetLife, Humana, WDS or Washington Dental Service, Delta Dental, and Aetna. Dr. Sabbagh is conveniently located in Federal Way, WA and serves the greater Seattle areas including Auburn, Issaquah and Bellevue. If you or your loved one need a frenectomy, come see Dr. Sabbagh for a consultation. Most consultations are a covered dental insurance benefit. It is important for you to check your dental insurance to find out your eligibility. In the event you do not have dental insurance, Dr. Sabbagh will work with you financially. Dr. Sabbagh has payment plans for those that qualify for the frenectomy procedure as well as all other oral surgical procedures.

Frenectomy- Procedure for tongue tied patients

The frenectomy is often performed under IV anesthesia for the patient's maximum comfort. Most dental insurances cover IV anesthesia for the frenectomy procedure. Dr. Sabbagh is an in network oral surgeon for most dental insurances. Dr. Sabbagh is a Fellow and Diplomate of the American Society of Dental Anesthesiology.

Does the Frenectomy Hurt?

The frenectomy procedure is usually performed under IV anesthesia for your comfort. After a thorough examination and evaluation, Dr. Sabbagh will recommend the anesthesia technique that meets your needs. Afterwards, Dr. Sabbagh will prescribe medication for pain if she feels it is necessary for you. The frenectomy is a relatively straight forward procedure and is covered by most dental insurances.

Dr. Emily M. Sabbagh Expert Oral Surgeon with Expert Training

The frenectomy procedure requires a full understanding of head and neck anatomy and the type of intense training that Dr. Emily M. Sabbagh has completed. Emily M. Sabbagh M.D., D.D.S. is a double degree oral and maxillofacial surgeon. She trained at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania for her General Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency. When choosing a surgeon to perform the frenectomy, choose an in network oral surgeon for maximum use of your dental insurance as well a surgeon with impeccable credentials. Dr. Emily M. Sabbagh of Sabbagh Oral Surgery has been serving the greater Seattle and Federal Way area for over 20 years. Dr. Sabbagh works closely with local family dentists, orthodontists and prosthodontists, providing a team approach to oral rehabilitation and excellence in the oral surgery field. Call Dr. Sabbagh today for a consultation if you feel you or your loved one may need a frenectomy.

Full Time Financial Coordinator

Dr. Sabbagh has a full time financial coordinator who is skilled in all aspects of dental insurance. She will help you find out about your dental insurance so you can maximize your benefits and not waist a dime of your hard earned money! Call today at 253-833-9066  or 253-839-5721.

Convenient Oral Surgery Office Hours

Dr. Sabbagh has convenient office hours with particular attention to the local school schedules. Dr. Sabbagh will never be away from her office when the local schools are out for spring break or winter break because she understands that school is very important to your child and absence for oral surgery procedures can be an academic problem to a young student. We will make every effort to schedule accordingly around your child's school holidays.