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Crown Lengthening

Crown LentheningIf you suffer from a tooth which the crown is broken off so much that your local family dentist can not cement a new porcelain crown to the remaining tooth, you may need a procedure called crown lengthening. Crown lengthening is a procedure in which the oral surgeon removes the supporting bone around the base of the dental crown to give the remaining tooth crown more length. This procedure puts more tooth structure above the gum so the dentist can then cement the porcelain crown. The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia. For added comfort, Dr. Sabbagh can perform the crown lengthening procedure under IV anesthesia. Emily M. Sabbagh, M.D.,D.D.S is a double degree oral and maxillofacial surgeon serving Auburn,WA, Federal Way, Des Moines, WA, Tacoma, and Issaquah. Dr. Sabbagh is proficient in crown lengthening and is a Diplomate and Fellow of the American Society of Dental Anesthesiology and received formal training in IV anesthesia as part of her extensive and rigorous residency program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Crown Lengthening saves the tooth

Crown lengthening is usually performed on a severely broken down tooth crowns. Either the tooth was cracked, had a large failing composite or amalgam restoration, or it is broken down from severe decay. If crown lengthening is not performed on such broken down teeth, the only alternative is usually extraction. The crown lengthening procedure gives the tooth a second chance for restoration. The gold or porcelain crown must have a enough tooth structure to be attached to the remaining tooth. The crown lengthening provides more surface area for cementation.

How is Crown Lengthening Done?

After Dr. Sabbagh administers local anesthesia and IV anesthesia, the gum around the neck of the tooth crown is carefully reflected and tissue is removed. The bone is then visualized and conservatively removed enough to provide clearance for the restorative dentist to prepare the tooth for the crown. The dentist is then able to take an impression of the accessible crown in preparation for fabrication of the new restoration. Once the final restoration is available, there is enough tooth structure exposed for a proper cementation.

Crown Lengthening-A Covered Dental Benefit

It is important that the oral surgeon performing crown lengthening is an in network provider for your dental insurance. In network oral surgeons usually save patients money. In network dental providers in  Federal Way have a negotiated lower rate with your dental insurance carrier than an out of network dentist. Out of network oral surgeons often cost more for the patient. Dr. Sabbagh is an in network provider for WDS, Delta Dental, United Concordia, Humana Dental, and Guardian Dental Insurance. Crown lengthening is a covered benefit for many dental insurances. Call Dr. Sabbagh today and ask for her knowledgable financial coordinator. Inquire about your dental benefits. She will pre authorize your dental insurance if you want the best estimate of your co pay. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sabbagh. At the consultation bring your most recent dental insurance card and your benefits can easily be verified. At Sabbagh Oral Surgery, as a courtesy, we assist you with all insurance questions. We help you make the most of your dental insurance. As an in network provider, we are committed to provide you with the most affordable quality oral surgery. If you do not have dental insurance, Dr. Sabbagh has payment plans available that work well for many happy patients.

Painless Crown Lengthening Procedure

Crown lengthening does not have to be feared in the expert hands of Dr. Emily M. Sabbagh and her caring and competent staff. Now there is an oral surgeon in the Seattle area who is proficient in crown lengthening and can perform it under IV anesthesia for your comfort. Dr. Sabbagh will discuss the type and extent of anesthesia you may need at the consultation. Ask questions at the time of your consultation and freely discuss all aspects of your medical history with Dr. Sabbagh. This will help her best assess your options for IV anesthesia technique. Crown lengthening does not have to be performed only under local anesthesia. Dr. Sabbagh's knowledgeable financial coordinator will review your insurance benefits and find out for you the details of your coverage for the crown lengthening procedure.